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Unsolved Problematic Cases

1) Pathological Dislocation head radius in a young adult

15 years old boy with neglected dislocation Lt. head radius since 1 year. Flexion range is up to 110 degrees but supination and pronation are 0 degrees. Forearm is stiff in mid-pron position.


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2) Neglected Fr. neck femur in an adolescent

14 y. old girl presented at 1.5.2005 with neglected Fracture neck femur since more than 1 year:


    Valgus osteotomy done at 23.5.2005 in attempt to gain union in the fracture site:

at 1.8.2005 the patient came with dislocated hip :


      We felt the dislocation is due to excessive anteversion angle , so we proceeded to do derotation subtrochanteric osteotomy.during the surgery We noticed that the neck fracture is UNITED :

12.10.2005 the patient came again with dislocated hip :-(( :


we reduced it closely but it is completely unstable


  1. What is the cause of redislocation ???

  2. What to do ?

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