King Fahd Hospital -Medina Munawrah-Orthopedic Surgery Department

Polytrauma with severe Injuries

32 years old male.

6 weeks RTA sustained these :severe injuries


Fracture pelvis with central dislocation hips. treated by bilateral skeletal traction.

Rt. femoral art. tear repaired by by-pass graft.


Fr. tibial plateau treated by LOOSE internal Fixation.

Patient was presented to our Orthopedic unit after 45 days of injury with the following Problem List:


  1. Bilateral Central dislocation hips.

  2. Infected plate tibial plateau with plate exposed and skin Loss.

  3. Gangrene tip medial 3 toes.

  4. MRSA

  5. PSYCHOLOGICAL UPSET ..... ? Depressive Psychosis...


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