Table 1. The key muscle groups used in the ASIA motor
source evaluation of a spinal cord injury patient
Level    Muscle Group

C5       Elbow flexors (biceps, brachialis)

C6       Wrist extensors (extensor carpi radialis
         longus and brevis)

C7       Elbow extensors (triceps)

C8       Finger flexors (flexor digitorum profundus)
         to the middle finger

T1       Small finger abductors (abductor digiti minimi)

L2       Hip flexors (iliopsoas)

L3       Knee extensors (quadriceps)

L4       Ankle dorsiflexors (tibialis anterior)

L5       Long toe extensors (extensor hallucis longus)

S1       Ankle plantarflexors (gastrocnemius, soleus)
Beaty, JH (ed): Orthopaedic Knowledge Update 6. Rosemont, IL. American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. 1999 Ch. 48, pp. 653-671.